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Oh No, I Think I Have Bed Bugs!

A Few Questions Customers Commonly Ask Us About Bed Bugs
#1 "I thought bed bugs only lived in dirty places?"

This one's definitely a nope.

Bed bugs aren't attracted to the conditions of your home or office whether it's unkept or immaculate. They are attracted to the carbon dioxide you breathe out, the body heat you produce while you're sleeping, and will also even travel up to 20 feet from their hiding place to feed. In some cases, there can be dozens actively feasting during the night in a home. So, in reality, bed bugs aren't in your home to enjoy your decorative skills... but rather to simply satisfy their hunger by feeding on the blood of the unsuspecting hosts and to multiply. Anyone can get bed bugs. They aren't picky choosers, let alone picky eaters.

#2 "How did they get here? & Where did they come from?"

Interestingly, bed bugs are considered the sneakiest of hitchhikers being that they can attach themselves onto you and the clothing you're wearing without you knowing. The items to be particularly mindful of when traveling or being out and about are

purses, luggage, school backpacks, and laptop cases. Also, use caution and inspect before when you purchase used items like furniture, clothing, and linens for bed bugs and other pests. And bed bugs can even catch a ride on the guests you welcome into your home as well...

#3 "How do I get rid of them?"

Wiping out a bed bug infestation starts with a strategic plan, the right tools, and the right products. Honestly, this is one annoying insect in our industry that we don't suggest trying to tackle on your own. Although there are a variety of different DIY methods that are scattered across the Internet for you to try, from our personal experience, you'll need the expertise of a licensed professional to fully eradicate a bed bug infestation. This will help you with the peace of mind that your home is now bed bug free.

If you suspect you have Bed Bugs and you are in the Henderson, Raleigh, Durham or Surrounding areas of the Triangle in NC, Call us & schedule your free bed bug inspection Today! Crystal Pest Control 919-609-9909 or visit

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